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TTN Las Vegas is a city of gambling and glamour centered around the Las Vegas Strip. Thousands of people each year come to Sin City in hopes of hitting the jackpot, watch famous shows and performances, shop at high-end stores, and party the night away at the many exclusive clubs. With so much to do, Tripps Plus has a few recommendations for people who want to hit the strip.

Although Las Vegas is notorious for taking people’s money and being extraordinarily expensive, there are several free shows that a variety of hotels put on. Out in front of the Mirage hotel, a colossal volcano simulation is ready to erupt every night between 6 and 11 pm. Bystanders can watch the massive volcano erupt with fiery lava and ash. Another excellent hotel show is the dancing fountains in front of the Bellagio. Magical fountains go off every 15 minutes during the afternoon and dance to the classical music that blasts from the hotel. This mesmerizing water show is essential when walking along the strip.

Bellagio hotel by TTN Las Vegas

Aside from the unique attractions that the luxurious resorts of Las Vegas contain, there are also plenty of other sites on the strip. TTN Las Vegas reviews the M&M Factory and the Coca-Colas Factory; both are huge factories that boast the merchandise of their popular brands. At the M&M Factory, visitors can walk through four floors of chocolate and stock, with the opportunity to purchase personalized candies and a chance to see an M&M show. At the Coca-Cola Factory, enthusiasts can try all different kinds of cola and buy some of their favorite brand souvenirs. With so much to do on the Las Vegas Strip, you will have a great time.

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