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TTN Las Vegas We love to Provide Vegas First-Timers with Top Travel Tips
Anyone visiting Las Vegas for the first time this fall can benefit from these top travel tips by TTN.

Going to Las Vegas for the first time can be fun when using these top travel tips by TTN Las Vegas.

Check plans and weather; pack accordingly. While there are wonderful places to shop, unless there is time allocated for shopping, it’s best to have packed well for the trip. Much of Las Vegas is open to casual dress, but there are some nightclubs and events where tourists may want to dress to impress.

Also, keep in mind that TTN Las Vegas suggest you may want to visit the fantastic selection of outlets stores. These have all the top designer names and brands, and you can save a bundle and look like a fashionista.

Set a gambling budget. Gambling is a huge addiction here, so we encourage guests to gamble responsibly. A trick to avoiding getting carried away can be to set a final gambling budget that must stick to it no matter what.

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Plan for shows ahead of time. Tickets to the Strip’s hottest shows can often be found without much notice, but patrons will usually pay a premium. Secure tickets to desirable shows as far in advance as possible to avoid overpaying.

TTN Las Vegas can help save you money on shows and other attractions.

Incorporate free time. Las Vegas is full of fun things to do, but too many planned activities can tire out even the most seasoned of travelers says TTN. Include enough downtime to be able to explore the city and enjoy resort amenities to leave feeling refreshed.

Note that feet aren’t the only mode of transportation. Transportation options abound for visitors to get around in Las Vegas: cabs, car services, rental cars, the Las Vegas Monorail, and the tram and of course Uber.

Remember the essentials. Sunscreen, cash, sunglasses, a light jacket, and water are good to keep nearby all times. Sunscreen and sunglasses can prevent damage from the sun; water can indeed be a lifesaver, a light jacket is good for those places that blast air conditioning and cash can come in handy too.

TTN Las Vegas has a great video check it out.

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