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TTN Las Vegas shares excellent packing tips for traveling abroad. Whether you are going overseas, across the nation or even just a state away, there are some items that travelers ought to in no way leave behind.

Specific items are apparent things like Passports, a wallet and the clothes needed.  But there are other things that can often be forgotten at home, leaving travelers with no strategy to get the items that are a needed when away.

TTN Las Vegas reminds that just before packing for a vacation, create a checklist with all the items that you need to bring.

Here are several other tips from TTN Las Vegas:

Energy Converter Kit

A energy converter kit is something essential for all those traveling out of the nation. A lot of countries use different kinds of energy outlets, creating a problematic circumstance to charge basic electronics like cell phones and camera batteries. But being prepared with these items will save you many problems. Multi-unit kits are accessible for all those traveling to several destinations, and country-specific converters are also readily available. You easily purchase them on site like Amazon.

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First Aid Kit

An emergency kit is something that TTN Las Vegas always recommend. Regardless of exactly where you will be going to, accidents can still happen and being prepared will very well help out in an emergency situation. No matter if dealing with a tiny scrape or a more significant cut, these kits really should include things needed for any type of injury.
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Your Medications

Make sure all your meds are with you at all times never place in checked luggage ever.

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Bring tablets

Travel Maps

Even though most people have smartphones or GPS, it is usually a good idea to have an actual hard copy backup in case batteries die or electronics stop functioning correctly.

TTN Las Vegas world map

World map

Insurance coverage

Every little thing from vehicle insurance or other incidentals such as health, bring the insurance coverage paperwork with you to be prepared for the occasion of an accident or injury that may take place. This will save a lot of time and money in case any accidents do occur.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance

Comfy Footwear

Make sure to pack a comfy pair of footwear for the trip. After spending everyday sightseeing, no one wants to get stuck with sore feet. Even if they seem like a good choice, make sure that it’s a pair that’s been worn and tested to avoid pain later on.

At TTN Las Vegas we want you to have the best of times and be safe and secure.

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